Taxi Service Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

taxi service amsterdam

Fixed rates are one of our promises to you. This means unexpected costs will not occur during or at the end of your travels. Know in advance what to budget for your journey. Your personal chauffeur will greet you at the gate, just after the luggage claim and assist you with it and then escort you to your vehicle. No need to wander aimlessly, wasting time not knowing which way to go. Our drivers have vast knowledge of Amsterdam and can provide you with much needed information for your stay.


€ 45,00


€ 35,00


€ 140,00


€ 110,00


€ 225,00

Den Haag

€ 110,00

Den Helder

€ 200,00


€ 275,00


€ 50,00


€ 95,00


€ 75,00


€ 475,00


€ 250,00


€ 125,00


€ 115,00

Cruise Terminal Amsterdam

€ 55,00

Cruise Terminal Rotterdam

€ 130,00

Roadshow & Tours  starts from

€ 50,00

For longer rides or organized transportation, Taxi Service Amsterdam give you a discounted special agreed price! All above mentioned prices are inclusive of 6% VAT, Taxi Service Amsterdam accept all major credit-cards and cash. The prices above are for normal cars, when you want a luxury car or minivan please contact Taxi Service Amsterdam! We charge for Meet & Greet at the gate € 20,- extra.


Phone: +31(0)6 46221536.

You confirm that the payment details you provide to Taxi Service Amsterdam for the purpose of booking a service are correct, that the credit card which you use is your own and that there are sufficient funds or credit facilities to cover the cost of the service. If you choose to pay the driver in cash, please ensure that you have the correct amount available, in local currency, unless otherwise stated in your booking confirmation. Notice that Taxi Service Amsterdam charge 5% administration fee by payment with credit card.

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